how breakingfree can help individuals
  • If you are struggling to control your drinking or use of drugs, Breaking Free Online offers you treatment that is immediate, confidential and effective – even if your dependence is severe and has been for a long time
  • You can take advantage of the treatment at home or anywhere with an internet connection, and at the times that are most convenient for you, because it is available online 24 hours a day
  • You can take positive action to resolve the key psychological and lifestyle issues that are causing you to drink alcohol as a way to cope
  • You can use the programme on your own or you can invite a supporter to help you by getting involved in your treatment – for example, a partner, relative, friend or professional
  • You can build a toolkit of knowledge, skills and practical coping strategies that will continue to support you long after you have finished treatment, preventing you from slipping back into relying on alcohol once again
how breakingfree can help
  • If you are supporting someone who is using Breaking Free Online – whether you are their partner, relative, friend or a professional – you can participate actively and positively in their treatment and recovery
  • You can print out the dedicated guidance for supporters, and then run through it while sitting with the person at the computer as they try out each strategy
  • You can understand how each strategy works and what it can achieve, and so motivate the person by explaining to them what they could personally gain from using it
  • You can enhance and reinforce each strategy as the person works through it simply by following the clear, step-by-step instructions
  • You can make the person’s experience of using the programme richer and more powerful, and help them to get the most out of their treatment
how breakingfree can help treatment
  • Through Breaking Free Online, services can implement a sustainable and cost-effective treatment model that includes free laptops and training for practitioners in the expert delivery of computer-assisted therapy
  • They can provide ultimate 24/7 access to highly effective evidence-based treatment
  • They can treat service users independently or via computer-assisted therapy that is delivered by peer mentors, volunteers or practitioners
  • They can reduce waiting lists and free up capacity, enabling them to deploy their available resources and staff time in the most efficient ways
  • They can actively promote the recovery agenda, expand treatment choice and ensure they are complying with national guidelines, such as those issued by NICE
how breakingfree can help practitioners
  • Through Breaking Free Online, practitioners can reduce their caseload and so allocate more time to those service users who require their intensive support
  • They can make their keyworking sessions more structured, engaging and interactive by drawing on a treatment programme they will find intuitive and easy to navigate
  • They can feel confident that in providing treatment with exceptional fidelity and consistency, they are actively building the recovery capital of service users
  • They can train in the expert delivery of 20 evidence-based psychosocial interventions, and then apply these as computer-assisted therapy or integrate them into their routine practice
  • They can complete structured assessments, deliver effective treatment sessions and demonstrate positive service user outcomes in an entirely paperless way
  • Through Breaking Free Online, commissioners can implement an innovative and sustainable treatment system through which services can treat more people and achieve better outcomes with less resources
  • They can enhance the effectiveness of every service within their area, from tier 1 through to tier 4
  • They can meet the recovery agenda and ensure that services comply with national treatment guidelines and local clinical governance arrangements
  • They can deliver against strategic action plans by enabling services to access hidden populations, improve engagement, retention and throughput, and promote workforce development
  • They can monitor and compare outcome data across the different services within their commissioning area through an interactive outcomes dashboard
  • Through Breaking Free Online, GPs can provide their patients with immediate and highly cost-effective treatment, rather than relying on lifestyle advice alone
  • They can treat patients who are damaging their health by using any substance – including those who are unwilling to access specialist services or are unable to because of long waiting lists
  • They can anticipate high rates of compliance because the treatment is engaging, user-friendly and accessible 24 hours a day
  • They can stop the revolving door of patients who take up valuable time and resources with health problems that are caused by chronic alcohol or drug misuse
  • They can monitor the progress and outcomes of their own patients in real time through an interactive outcomes dashboard
  • Through Breaking Free Online, primary care commissioners can systematically prevent the health consequences of hazardous drinking and drug use
  • They can give GPs the means to target directly one of the major causes of conditions such as liver disease, coronary disease, stroke, cancer, foetal alcohol syndrome and mental health problems
  • They can achieve significant long-term cost savings and deploy primary care resources more efficiently
  • They can help GPs to achieve targets for reducing alcohol-related harm and prepare for the introduction of QOF targets
  • They can measure and compare patient outcome data across different GP practices through an interactive outcomes dashboard
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